Is Bayern destroying its identity?!

This transfer window Bayern has been pretty active in both directions. Until now the transfers are:


  1. Joshua Kimmich - from Stuttgart
  2. Sven Ulreich - from Stuttgart
  3. Douglas Kosta - from Shakhtar Donetsk
  4. Arturo Vidal - from Juventus
  5. Pierre–Emile Højbjerg - back from loan Augsburg
  6. Jan Kirchhoff - back from loan Schalke 04
  7. Julian Green - back from loan Hamburger SV


  1. Bastian Schweinsteiger - to Manchester United
  2. Mitchell Weiser - to Hertha BSC
  3. Claudio Pizarro - retired
  4. Pepe Reina - to Napoli
  5. Rico Strieder - to FC Utrecht

By far the most controversial transfer is Schweini going to ManU after 17 years with Bayern. There are fractions of the fans not being happy at all about the transfer, accusing Guardiola and Rummenigge of destroying the Bayern identity.  Peter Neururer (ex Bochum coach) took it one step further (read more). I must confess that I'm the same camp also and think that a strong German/Bavarian core it's a must for FC Bayern to be successful.

If you look at the full squad of 27 players, 12 are Germans which it's not too bad (44%). However looking more closely, if we take out the three goalkeepers, from 24 field players, only 9 are Germans (37.5%). Even more worrying it's the picture of the starting eleven, which very likely has only Neuer, Lahm, Boateng and Muller as starter (36%).

Whenever Bayern has been successful, it had a very strong German core which was the core of the National Team as well:

  • 1974, 75, 76 - Maier, Beckenbauer, Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Hoeneß, Roth, Müller
  • 1999, 2000, 2001 - Kahn, Babbel, Helmer, Linke, Matthaus, Basler, Effenberg, Jeremies, Scholl
  • 2012, 13, 14 - Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Badstuber, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Gotze, Muller

I'm afraid that this full latinization of Guardiola (Dante, Rafinha, Costa of Brasil; Bernat, Thiago, Martinez, Alonso of Spain; Vidal of Chille) will contribute to more German/Bavarian players leaving. There are rumours that it was one of the reasons Schweini left, and Muller has voiced his concerns also (read here). I hope I'm wrong, but my prediction is that although Bayern can/will win the Bundesliga, they will not get far in Champions League.



Schumacher 1996 vs Vettel 2015

Since Vettel announced that he will join Ferrari lots of comparison have been made between him and Schumacher. The similarities are quite a few:

  • Both of them are Germans and World Champions
  • Schumacher joined Ferrari while they were in a big crisis and Vettel joined them in a similar situation
  • Ferrari restructured the team back in '96 and is doing the same now
  • etc

Now that half of the season is past we can try and do a comparison between Schumacher '96 and Vettel '15. This isn't very straightforward because the cars are not the same, the competition is not the same, etc. but I will try to do an objective analysis.

First we'll try and compare the Ferrari of '96 against Williams '96 which was the class of the field and at the same time Ferrari '15 against Mercedes '15. To do this I will compare the results of the second driver in Ferrari in '96 and in '15, Irvine and Raikkonen.


Table 1, 1996 results


Table 2, 2015 results

In 1996 the average starting position of Irvine was 7.6, while in 2015 the average starting position of Raikkonen is 5.78. In the race Irvine has an average position of 5.2, while Raikkonen 4.71. The difference in both cases is small and taking into account that Raikkonen is a better driver (most people will agree) and World Champion, we can say that on pure performance Ferrari of '96 and of '15 compare similarly to the class of the field (but the Ferrari of '15 is much more reliable).

Now let's compare Schumacher and Vettel performance against the class of the field. Schumacher average starting position was 2.5 with an average difference from pole of 0.548, while Vettel's average starting position is 3.22 with an average difference from pole of 0.747. Additionally Schumacher had 3 pole positions, while Vettel has none. In defence of Vettel, probably the Mercedes of '15 is stronger on one lap pace that Williams of '96, but still it shows that Schumacher is one step ahead. If we compare the race results Schumacher has an average position of 2, while Vettel 3. On the other hand Vettel has 2 victories, while Schumacher only 1 (but he has 5 retirements to Vettel's none). Still the balance is slightly in favor of Schumacher.

Next comparison is between Schumacher '96 and Vettel '15 against their teammates. Schumacher pretty much has destroyed Irvine (qualifying 5.1 positions ahead with an average difference of 0.852), but also Vettel has outperformed clearly Raikkonen (qualifying 2.56 positions ahead with an average difference of 0.353). In both cases their teammates out-qualified them only once (excluding car troubles or rain). In the race Schumacher is 3.2 positions ahead of Irvine, while Vettel 1.71 ahead of Raikkonen.

Last comparison we'll do is the championship position of both after 10 races. In '96 Schumacher was third on 26 points (Hill had 63, Villeneuve 48), while in '15 Vettel is also third on 160 points (Hamilton has 202, Rosberg 181). Vettel is much closer and is still fighting for the championship, but this is mostly because Ferrari of '96 was much more unreliable.

As a conclusion, Schumacher of '96 was really exceptional and is very hard for anyone to compete against him. However the comparison clearly shows that Vettel is doing a great job against a better teammate and better opposition (most will agree that Hamilton/Rosberg are stronger that Hill/Villeneuve).

So well done to Vettel and keep pushing :)


World Champions for the fourth time!

After three unsuccessful tries (2002, 2006, 2010) when Germany lost in the final hurdle (Brasil, Italy, Spain) finally they achieved the most important, glorious reward in Football, THEY ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS for the fourth time in the history! It was a well deserved victory culminating the hard work started by DFB in the beginning of 2000 when Germany hit the lowest point. It has proved once more than with hard work, persistence and a high team spirit you can achieve the maximum.

There's already a lot of information on the web about the final, the statistics, etc, so I'm just putting some links below:

After the World Cup, there are two important news related with "die Mannschaft": First that Toni Kroos moved to Real Madrid, which I believe it will be a huge loss to Bayern. Kroos has really matured in a World Class level.

Second and most important, the captain Philipp Lahm announced his retirement from "die Mannschaft". It will be a huge loss to the team, but it's the perfect choice to retire after winning the biggest price. So I would like to say thank you to Lahm for 10 great years in the National Team and wish him all the best!


World Cup final...repeat of 1990?

After 62 mostly spectacular matches, we now have the finalist of the 20th World Cup, Germany vs Argentina. To most people born before the 80s it will ring bells of the two classic finals in 1986 in Mexico and 1990 in Italy. I was only 6 years when Germany was beaten by Argentina in 1986, but I still remember it and it's one of my first memories. However this time, I hope history will repeat 1990 instead :) Getting back 24 years ago there are quite a lot of similarities:

  • In 1990 Germany started the tournament by demolishing Yugoslavia 4-1, while in 2014 they demolished Portugal 4-0.
  • In 1990 Germany was for the third time in a row in the Final (first time in history), while in 2014 they are for the fourth time in a row in the semi-finals (first time in history).
  • In 1990 Argentina was completely depended on Maradona, in 2014 they are completely depended on Messi.
  • In 1990 Argentina was missing Caniggia in the final, in 2014 they will most probably miss Di Maria.
  • Finally, Germany won the World Cup in '54, '74 so they have to win it in '14 :)

So Good luck to Germany to add that missing fourth star!


Germany last group match against USA. Strategy or not...

Tonight at 18:00 CET Germany plays the last game in the group stage against USA in Recife. Germany is almost guaranteed to qualify, unless they loose by several goals and at the same time Ghana or Portugal win by a big margin (very unlikely). On the other hand depending on the tonight result Germany can "choose" the opponent for the next game as well as the "road" to the final. This raise the question: Should they play for the win, or should strategy come into play and calculate the best "route" to the final. First let's see possible opponents:

If Germany draws or win, they will qualify at the top of the group and the "leg" includes:

  • Brasil
  • Chille
  • Uruguay
  • Columbia
  • France
  • Nigeria
  • Algeria/Russia

On the other hand, if they loose, they most likely qualify and the "leg" includes:

  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Greece
  • Argentina
  • Switzerland
  • most likely Belgium

On paper the second group of teams looks easier. However to have a better picture let's analyze most likely team to face in each round, as well as the place/time where the game will be played.

In the first scenario, we have:

  • Last 16: 30 June, Against Algeria/Russia in Porto Alegre, 17:00 local time. Rainy, Temperature 16°, Real Feel 13°, Humidity 80%
  • Quarter final: 4 July, Most likely against France in Rio de Janeiro, 13:00 local time. Cloudy, Temperature 26°, Real Feel 28°, Humidity 68%
  • Semi final: 8 July, Most likely against Brasil in Belo Horizonte, 17:00 local time. Cloudy, Temperature 26°, Real Feel 25°, Humidity 40%

In the second scenario, we have:

  • Last 16: 1 July, Against Belgium in Salvador, 17:00 local time. Cloudy, Temperature 25°, Real Feel 26°, Humidity 79%
  • Quarter final: 5 July, Most likely against Argentina in Brasilia, 13:00 local time. Sunny, Temperature 27°, Real Feel 27°, Humidity 31%
  • Semi final: 9 July, Most likely against Netherlands/Mexico in Sao Paulo, 17:00 local time. Cloudy, Temperature 16°, Real Feel 15°, Humidity 66%

With this comparison, the differences between the two routes are small. If we take into account the positive energy of a win then the best options is first one. So no strategy this time...just go out and play for the win :)




FIFA World Cup is starting...what are the Germany chances?

Today, the 20th FIFA World Cup will start in Brazil. As a German fan, it's not acceptable to not post something about that :)

In the preliminary round Germany won all but one match (that unbelievable 4-4 draw with Sweden) and as always are one of the favorites. The friendly matches weren't that promising, but that has always been the case with Germany. However what's a problem is the injury of Marko Reus, forcing him to miss the World Cup. Undoubtedly he's one of the best attacking players of Germany and his absence will be missed, but hopefully the others will step up. So the squad that Low, took in Brasil is:

Goalkeepers: Neuer, Weedenfeller, Zieler

Defence: Grosskreutz, Hoewedes, Hummels, Lahm, Mertesacker, Boateng, Mustafi, Durm

Midfield: Ginter, Khedira, Schweinsteiger, Oezil, Schuerrle, Podolski, Muller, Draxler, Kroos, Goetze, Kramer

Attack: Klose

There are still some uncertainties about who will be the starting eleven, considering the injuries of Neuer, Schweinsteiger, Khedira, as well as the age of Klose. Based on the latest matches, I think Low will start with:

Neuer - Boateng, Mertesacker, Hummels, Howedes - Lahm, Schweinsteiger - Ozil, Kroos, Muller - Goetze

 while I would like:

Neuer - Howedes , Mertesacker, Hummels, Durm - Lahm, Schweinsteiger - Schuerrle, Goetze, Muller - Klose

We have to wait a few more days to see the starting eleven against Portugal.

So what about my prediction for the tournament? For me it's time that an European team wins it in South America and it has to be Germany. In the last 4 tournaments Germany was three times in the semi-finals and once in the final and without some strange decisions by Low should have won it once! They have a very good squad and now it's time to deliver. Regarding the opposition, Brasil has a strong squad as always, but nothing fearsome; Argentina has Messi, but the rest are mediocre; Spain isn't shining anymore and France without Ribery it's not scary; Italy has no star, but if they get past the group stage, you never know :). Still me prediction is:

Group stage

- Win 3-1 against Portugal

- Win 1-0 against Ghana

- Draw 1-1 against USA

Round of 16

- As winner of group they will play the runner up of Group H, which I predict will be Russia. Result 2-0


- The opponent will be the winner of the match between winner of group E and runner up of group F. My prediction is that will be Switzerland and the result 4-1.


- At this stage the opponent will be the winner of groups A or C, or runner up of groups B or D. It has to be Brasil and Germany will win on penalties after a 2-2 draw.


- Uruguay will be the surprise team and will reach the final having beaten Spain and Argentina along the way. Germany wins the final 1-0 :)

Enjoy the World Cup and may Germany win it!


Schumacher, there's still hope...

After a long delay, today morning Schumacher's manager Sabine Kehm released a new statement confirming small and encouraging signs:

We are and remain confident that Michael will pull through and wake up. There are small, encouraging signs, but we also know that this is the time to be very patient. Michael has suffered severe injuries. 

It is very hard to comprehend for all of us that Michael, who had overcome a lot of precarious situations in the past, has been hurt so terribly in such a banal situation. It was clear from the start that this will be a long and hard fight for Michael. We are taking this fight on together with the team of doctors, whom we fully trust. The length of the process is not the important part for us.

There are lots of different ways to read this statement, both in positive and negative light. However I'm choosing the positive one and hoping that Schumi will win this fight. It is clear that the recovery will be long and probably not complete, but I'm hoping he will recover enough to be able to still enjoy life.

Keep fighting Schumi!


The sad state of software developers in Albania (and maybe in the World)

Today I did a test to hire a junior developer. From about 20 applications, I did select 6 that I thought were the best and from them only 4 did show up! I presented to them a test that I thought was pretty easy. Here are the questions of the test:

  1. Write a program that will print out the longest sequence without prime numbers, less than a given number N.

    Example: If N is give 30, the sequence is 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.

  2. Write a program that print out the result of the following method called with a value of 6.

    public static void mystery(int n) {

       if (n == 0 || n == 1) return;





  3. The table Orders has the following fields Id, Product, Amount, Price. Write a query to print out the product name and amount for all products that have "TV" in their name and for which the amount ordered is bigger than 1,000 euro.
  4. Describe with a single sentence the following terms: HTTP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, XML, SQL, C#, SVN, IL, SEO.
  5. Describe the last project that you have worked for and the solution you have implemented explaining why you did it that way.

The total test had 100 points and I was expecting all of them to get at least 50-60 points. It turns out it was too much! Two of the candidates were already working as software developers and they got 15 points!!! I don't see how on earth they would produce anything useful. The other two were still students and were able to get 45-50 points which in comparison it's a pretty good result, but considering the test it's pretty poor!

It's a pretty sad state, when your best candidate for software developer isn't able to write a simple SQL query!


Albanian 2013 Election results

The result of the elections confirmed one thing: Politics and Math don't like each other :) The result was a surprise for everyone and I'm going to analyze it. Instead below I'm posting the original prediction for the members of the parliament, corrected based on the current results (there are still some decisions that can change).

Tirana District

  1. Pandeli Majko - PS, 245,000 results
  2. Sali Berisha - PD, 4,080,000 results
  3. Saimir Tahiri - PS, 125,000 results
  4. Myqerem Tafaj - PD, 72,200 results
  5. Vasilika Hysi - PS, 42,600 results
  6. Majlinda Bregu - PD, 264,000 results
  7. Ditmir Bushati - PS, 152,000 results
  8. Halim Kosova - PD, 108,000 results
  9. Fatmir Xhafaj - PS, 48,400 results
  10. Florion Mima - PD, 13,600 results
  11. Ilir Meta - LSI, 1,260,000 results
  12. Gerti Bogdani - PD, 113,000 results
  13. Lindita Nikolla - PS, 26,700 results
  14. Dashamir Shehi - LZHK1,,42,500 results
  15. Besnik Baraj - PS, 39,500 results
  16. Jorida Tabaku - PD, 40,800 results
  17. Xhemal Qefalia - PS, 18,900 results
  18. Edi Paloka - PD, 49,400 results
  19. Sadri Abazi - PS, 16,600 results
  20. Keltis Kruja - PD, 12,600 results
  21. Parid Cara - PS, 21,000 results
  22. Kastriot Islami - PD, 347,000 results
  23. Spartak Braho - LSI2, 23,800 results
  24. Asllan Dogjani - PD, 54,000 results, Klajda Gjosha - LSI
  25. Artan Gaci - PS, 37,800 results
  26. Visar Zhiti - PD, 279,000 resultsLuan Rama - LSI
  27. Pjerin Ndreu - PS, 40,900 results
  28. Ylli Shehu - PR, 22,100 results or Arben Qirjako - PD, 10,400 results or Shkelqim Barushi- LZHK, 51 results
  29. Rakip Suli - PS, 31,800 results
  30. Ylli Shehu - PR, 22,100 results or Arben Qirjako - PD, 10,400 results or Shkelqim Barushi- LZHK, 51 resultsTahir Muhedini - PDIU 
  31. Milena Harito - PS, 31,100 results or Klajda Gjosha - LSI, 93,900 results or Gentian Deliallisi - PD, 412 results or Kreshnik Spahiu - AK, 507,000 results or Bamir Topi - FRD, 1,090,000 results. Outside chance for Skender Gjinushi - PSD, 88,500 results or Evjeni Kota - PBDNJ, 172 results or Tahir Muhedini - PDIU, 25,200 results
  32. Milena Harito - PS, 31,100 results or Dashamir Peza - PS,  13,200 results or Klajda Gjosha - LSI, 93,900 results or Gentian Deliallisi - PD, 412 results or Kreshnik Spahiu - AK, 507,000 results or Bamir Topi - FRD, 1,090,000 results. Outside chance for Skender Gjinushi - PSD, 88,500 results or Evjeni Kota - PBDNJ, 172 results or Tahir Muhedini - PDIU, 25,200 results

 Fieri District

  1. Gramoz Ruci - PS, 93,700 results
  2. Sokol Olldashi - PD, 242,000 results
  3. Erion Brace - PS, 45,900 results
  4. Mesila Doda - PD, 98,100 results
  5. Eglantina Gjermeni - PS, 35,700 results
  6. Ilirjan Celibashi - PS, 19,500 results
  7. Kosma Dashi - PD, 7 results
  8. Armando Subashi - PS, 25,300 results
  9. Shpetim Idrizi - PDIU1, 218,000 results
  10. Arben Cuko - PS, 19,600 results
  11. Petrit Vasili - LSI, 109,000 results
  12. Bedri Mihaj - PD, 5,770 results, Robert Bitri - LSI
  13. Piro Lutaj - PS, 22,800 results
  14. Omer Mamo - PDIU, 8,250 results. Outside chance for Dritan Prifti, 175,000 results, Eduart Sharka - PR, 580 results, Kadri Gega - LZHK, 1,480 results, Altin Dauti - AK, 3,570 results, Shpetim Axhani - PLL, 549 results
  15. Majlinda Bufi - PS, 1,590 results
  16. Ervin Koci - PS, 14,800 results or Myslim Murrizi - PD, 5,110 results

Elbasan District

  1. Ben Blushi - PS, 136,000 results
  2. Arben Imami - PD, 542,000 results
  3. Damian Gjiknuri - PS, 66,000 results
  4. Eduard Selami - PD, 141,000 results
  5. Evis Kushi - PS, 23,000 results
  6. Ardian Turku - PD, 18,800 results
  7. Alfred Peza - PS, 128,000 results
  8. Luciano Boci - PD, 81,110 results
  9. Taulant Balla - PS, 189,000 results
  10. Dashnor Sula - PD, 29,000 results, Bujar Kllogjri - LSI
  11. Edmond Haxhinasto - LSI, 229,000 results
  12. Arbjola Halimi - PD, 2,700 results, Aqif Rakipi - PDIU
  13. Musa Ulqini - PS, 17,900 results
  14. Aurel Bylykbashi - PD, 16,000 results or Arben Kamami - PS, 2,670 results. Outside chance for Luan Duzha - PR, 8,690 results,  or Ramazan Braho - PAA, 1 result or Rezart Kovaci - PDK, 981 results.

Durres District

  1. Eduard Halimi - PD, 159,000 results
  2. Blendi Klosi - PS, 108,000 results
  3. Igli Cara - PD, 26,600 results
  4. Klodiana Spahiu - PS, 73,700 results
  5. Albana Vokshi - PD, 36,400 results
  6. Ilir Beqaj - PS, 9,590 results
  7. Gent Strazimiri - PD, 18,300 results
  8. Lefter Koka - LSI, 69,700 results
  9. Oerd Bylykbashi - PD, 20,200 results
  10. Namik Dokle - PS, 77,100 results
  11. Osman Metalla - PD, 21,400 results, Artur Bushi - PS
  12. Gentian Bejko - PS, 6,200 results
  13. Vullnet Topalli - PD, 8,810 results or Agron Duka - PR, 52,200 results. Outside chance for Gazmend Oketa - FRD, 134,000 results.

Korce District

  1. Bashkim Fino - PS, 149,000 results
  2. Ridvan Bode - PD, 148,000 results
  3. Arta Dade - PS, 128,000 results
  4. Eleina Qirici - PD, 3,050 results
  5. Olta Xhacka - PS, 15,900 results
  6. Edmond Spaho - PD, 19,600 results
  7. Ilirian Pendavinji - PS, 3,320 results
  8. Fatmir Mehdiu - PR1, 211,000 results
  9. Ilir Xhakolli - PS, 12,300 results
  10. Gjergji Papa - PD, 9,470 results
  11. Ylli Zicishti - PS, 29,800 results or Piro Kapurani - LSI, 2,530 results
  12. Fatbardh Kadilli - PD, 22,400 results or Ardit Konomi - PS, 4,320 results or Ylli Zicishti - PS, 29,800 results or Piro Kapurani - LSI, 2,530 results

Vlore District

  1. Edi Rama - PS, 3,380,000 results
  2. Astrit Patozi - PD, 89,600 results
  3. Valentina Leskaj - PS, 67,200 results
  4. Koco Kokedhima - PS, 20,100 results
  5. Arben Ristani - PD, 73,800 results
  6. Luiza Xhuvani - PS, 111,000 results
  7. Liljana Elmazi - PD, 3,630 results
  8. Fatmri Toci - PS, 36,300 results
  9. Andrea Marto - PBDNJ2, 4,940 results
  10. Dashamir Tahiri - PDIU, 52,900 results
  11. Vangjel Dule - PBDNJ, 121,000 results. Outside chance for Arben Malaj, 797,000 results or Shkelqim Selami - LSI, 5,690 results or Engjell Bejtaj - PSD, 3,220 results
  12. Ardian Kollozi - PD, 31,400 results, Shkelqim Selami - LSI

Shkoder District

  1. Jozefina Topalli - PD, 705,000 results
  2. Mimoza Hafizi - PS, 12,200 results
  3. Helidon Bushati - PD, 5,820 results
  4. Voltana Ademi - PD, 6,100 results
  5. Tom Doshi - PS, 79,300 results
  6. Nard Ndoka - PDK1, 153,000 results
  7. Paulin Sterkaj - PS, 20,600 results
  8. Gjovalin Bzhetaj - PD, 365 results
  9. Ndue Paluca - PD, 8,360 results, Agron Cela - LSI
  10. Namik Kopliku - PS, 5,020 results. Outside chance Agron Cela - LSI, 6,470 results.
  11. Bardh Spahia - PD, 23,200 results. Outside chance Gasper Kokaj - PR, 12,700 results or Pjeter Boshi - PDK, 506 results or Mark Molla - PAA, 1,250 results or Ndreke Ndoci - LDK, 137 results, Mark Frroku - PKDSH

Berat District

  1. Fidel Ylli - PS, 112,000 results
  2. Genc Pollo - PD, 159,000 results
  3. Ermonela Felaj - PS, 39,100 results
  4. Eduard Shalsi - PS, 101,000 results
  5. Astrit Veliaj - PD, 111,000 results
  6. Nasip Naco - LSI, 110,000 results
  7. Eduart Bejko - PS, 2,770 results
  8. Artan Lame - PS, 97,300 results or Lefter Maliqi - PD, 53,800 results, Gledjon Rehovica - LSI

Lezhe District

  1. Aldo Bumci - PD, 162,000 results
  2. Mimi Kodheli - PS, 47,600 results
  3. Gjovalin Kadeli - PD, 47,100 results
  4. Armando Prenga - PS, 13,400 results
  5. Albina Deda - PD, 3,480 results
  6. Vasil Bicaj - PD, 1,800 results
  7. Arben Ndoka - PS, 19,300 results, Monika Kryemadhi - LSI

Diber District

  1. Sherefedin Shehu - PD, 20,500 results
  2. Shkelqim Cani - PS, 13,500 results
  3. Bedri Hoxha - PD, 22,400 results
  4. Roland Keta - PD, 7,430 results
  5. Ulsi Manja - PS, 4,370 results
  6. Ekrem Spahia - PLL1, 23,200 results, Perparim Spahiu - LSI

Gjirokaster District

  1. Arben Ahmetaj - PS, 99,700 results
  2. Genc Ruli - PD, 146,000 results
  3. Erion Veliaj - PS, 134,000 results
  4. Spiro Ksera - PD, 90,100 results, Vangjel Tavo - LSI
  5. Anastas Angjeli - PS, 49,900 results

Kukes District

  1. Flamur Noka - PD, 205,000 results
  2. Besnik Dushaj - PD, 4,380 results
  3. Vexhi Mucmataj - PS, 531 results
  4. Alban Zeneli - PD, 8,640 results


1 - Included in PD list

2 - Included in PS list


Tollkuci Family Genealogy tree

After a short break, I'm back writing to my blog :) Today is just a quick post about a new page I added, a short overview of the Tollkuci Family Genealogy tree. Read more here